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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC*               2yi

March 2nd> 1801.

The King Is recovering fast, both head and
health, and there will of course be no motions
made in the House about his situation. This
may, perhaps, make some favourable turn with
regard to me.

Another month begun, and yet no satisfac-
tory accounts of my dear son ! My hopes and
fears are exactly what they were, and I wait
in silence and sullen patience the accounts from

March $th.

How charming was the country this morning,
the sun bursting upon one in every corner as
I passed through the Hammersmith Gardens! I
have done your commission with the Louther-
bourgs. If I am to write or go to them again, I
will the first opportunity; for I would at any
time, and more now than ever, pay at your orders
a visit to the Witch of Endor, ancient or modern,
n'importe qui.

I have received letters from Padre Minasi and
Abb6 Campbell. The latter says he never met